Safety First


Even though it’s a fact that taking the bus is a vastly more safe option for travel than by car, we know that in some circumstances it’s just not practical to take one of our San Jose based beauties to each and every one of your myriad destinations. On the other hand, when you are traveling (in style!) with us at Royal Coach Tours, it is of the utmost importance that you know we take safety extremely serious. There’s no excuse for shoddy safety standards anywhere in the transportation sector, and it’s the Royal Coach Promise that we take absolutely every precaution known to man to assure the safety of our passengers. Below is just a sampling of how serious we are about this!

Safety is not understood, it’s lived!

Our commitment towards safety can be exemplified though our award winning safety management department, because to us, safety is not a concept it’s our culture. Please check out our safety record from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

It all starts with the drivers

Before any motorcoach operator or driver is considered for hire they must first pass our rigorous screening process along with our behind-the-wheel performance analysis.

Drivers are screen for:

  • Drug and Alcohol (ongoing and random)
  • Driving Record (DMV pull notice, ongoing)
  • Past Employers
  • Personality Test

Drivers are trained on:

  • Pre & post vehicle inspection
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Minor mechanical diagnostics
  • Adverse road condition

Safety meets technology

When the cargo is people, safety is top priority, which is why we keep miles ahead of the industry when it comes to safety integrated technologies.

Event Data Recorders:

Event Data Records are proven to drastically reduce the risks of accidents and save lives, which is why we’ve installed one in each of our vehicles. These devises are utilized by our safety department to help identify risky driving behavior in its early stages for corrective training.


Fire Suppression System: Fire Suppression System, also known as the Life Protector does exactly that, and a reason why all of our newly purchased motor coaches come equipped with this technology. The fire suppression system is designed to suppress engine compartment fires before reaching the passengers, in addition to providing visual and audible warnings well before any immediate threat


Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System: Tire blowouts and fires is a serious risk to the safety of passengers and drivers. Did you know that 90% of all tire failures are a result of tire underinflation? Well, we do and a reason why we purchase our motorcoaches with tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems installed. These devises keep our drivers aware of variation in tire temperature and pressure by alerting the driver of any related tire issues before any risk of safety occurs.SafetyPage_SmartTire

Wedding Season, it’s coming!

Are preparing for the upcoming summer, also known as,  wedding season.  Don’t want to arrive to your wedding in your old dented hatchback that hasn’t been properly serviced in a year? No problem! We’ve got you covered. At Royal Coach Tours we’ve got your back, and we’ll help you put your best face forward on the most important day of your life.

We provide premium wedding transportation service. Whether you need transportation service to your reception, hotel, or ceremony venue we offer only the highest quality in service. See our large assortment of vehicles and motor coaches to select from.

Make an impression 

Nothing is more impressive then arriving in a premium motor coach reaching 12 feet in height and 45 feet in length to your wedding event. Better yet, see our assortment of Specialty Vehicles, each custom designed to give you the most rewarding and luxurious experience on wheels. Each specialty vehicle loaded with its own custom amenities and floor plans.

Arrive safe!

Let’s face it weddings usually involves drinking, properly so, it’s a celebration! So, keeping your mind at ease is probably why you’re looking for transportation. But as bad as it is to drink and drive, it’s just a bad to hire a transportation company whom are not properly equipped to transport safely.

We keep you and your guest safe by:

  • Providing mechanically sound vehicles.
  • Professional and safety conscious operators.
  • Fully insured and covered.
  • Maintain proper permits and certifications (PUC and DOT).

Wine Tasting

screen-shot-2015-07-26-at-3-49-15-pm (1)

Do you like wine? We’re guessing yes since you clicked on this link! Here’s a very helpful articlethat will help you plan your California wine tasting trip. Rest assured, we’re here to make things run as smoothly as possible and give you the opportunity to hire the best Designated Drivers around!

Planning a trip for multiple days can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our representatives’ help plan your transportation needs, because since 1960 we have provided thousands of groups with nothing but superior service

Local or out of State

Whether you are planning to travel within California or out of the state we can provide you with only the top quality in service. We make your experience a success by:

  • Providing assistance in planning and coordinating your travel needs.
  • Appointing a dedicated account representative every step of the way.
  • Assigning only the most qualified and professional driver for your travels.
  • Carrying the largest and most modern fleet of buses available in the area.
  • By truly caring for each of our clients, every mile of the way.


We can help you plan the most successful trip. If you have an itinerary, let our representative help you plan and coordinate your travels, we have some good ideas and tips.

We’re here for you. Check out our website for a quote on your future wine tasting trip!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday from Royal Coach Tours. Need help? Call us anytime at 408-279-4801. We would love to help you.


1 Bus Can Replace 30 Cars


Here are some interesting facts and figures about the merits of bus travel compared to cars! It’s somewhat customary and pithy these days for businesses to brag about what they are doing to stay green and to brandish their bona fides about saving the environment! In certain cases these businesses have to do some oratorical gymnastics to find even a bit of room to claim they are contributing to the solution and not just trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. At Royal Coach Tours we don’t have to indulge in any of that chicanery. The fact is that we serve the San Francisco Bay Area (including our home base San Jose) proudly and we couldn’t do it if we weren’t standing up for the environment. There are still some skeptics among us that that we humans aren’t responsible for Climate Change. The facts are overwhelmingly in support of this as this graph can show you quite simply.


We don’t come to preach or even convert, as Michael Jordan might have said “Climate change skeptics need to ride the bus too!” Only to state our commitment to a greener world and a smaller carbon footprint, for the sake of our children, if not us. Even something as prosaic as using our services at Royal Coach Tours actually makes a difference in this world. It’s a funny thought, but comforting as well. That’s not to say you hop on one of buses to catch a ride to the airport and you’ve automatically saved the world. We’re not claiming that, or that you’ll be getting a thank you card from bio-diesel manufacturers. What we are saying is that every step counts, and that with each pebble making a tiny ripple in the pond, the inevitable conclusion is a wave. It’s our stated goal to be on that wave from start to finish, and we hope you’ll join us. Check out our website for any other questions you might have! Thanks for reading!

Our Fleet: It’s the Best


We’re proud of our entire Fleet and rightfully so. But we’d like to highlight a few of our favorites, and perhaps soon a few of your future favorites! Luckily, it’s not like choosing which of your children you like the most. Buses and coaches are generally not the jealous type. We’ll get you started on a sampling of a few great rides.

Our new Premium 36 Passenger Coach adds a new classification of size to our already diversified fleet. Our 36 passenger coach comes fully equipped with all the necessities for the most comfortable and relaxing ride available. Check out this video.

And for those who really want to go the extra mile, we’ve got the cream of our crop, the 42 Passenger LX Luxury Coach! Sort of like a king’s chariot if you ask us, though there is a possibility we might be biased!

Ride in the most luxurious and comfortable coach on the market. Our one of a kind 42 Passenger LX Luxury Coach features’ soft leather seating, each generously spaced with pull-down trays. Our Luxury Coach is prestigious.

For more information on this bad boy, click here!

Don’t Forget about SPAB!

You may be asking “What is SPAB?” Here is what it stands for: Student Pupil Activity Bus. That means that Royal Coach has a special certification that ensures the safety of students when they use our coaches for any type of trip. Read about one of our student trips below:

“Last night Royal Coach Tours provided transportation of 168 students and teachers from Salinas High School to a Giant’s game.  The three buses were clean, arrived on time, and the drivers were EXCELLENT!  I highly recommend Royal Coach Tours to everyone.”

Brant W. on Yelp

Learn more about where we can take your students right HERE.


Happy New Year!


Happy new year from everyone at Royal Coach Tours. We wish you and yours a year filled with peace and blessings.