Earth Day and Motorcoaches


It was 46 years ago that Earth Day, April 22, became a day to encourage action, reminding each of us that we can all participate in small ways to preserve our environment.

The motorcoach industry as a whole provides some impressive statistics:

  • Motorcoaches provide over 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to single occupant automobiles that provide 27.2 passenger miles per gallon on average
  • Motorcoaches are 7 times more energy and fuel efficient than single occupancy automobiles at moving large numbers of people
  • Motorcoaches are 3 times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail

The CST provides an independent, third party certification, education, and labeling program to help minimize the impact of passenger transportation. By embracing the CST’s eRating vehicle certification, Eco Driver and Idle Free initiatives, IMG companies have access to technical support from a University, and they can learn about ways to save energy and operate their vehicles even more efficiently.

Bronwyn Wilson, President, IMG said: “We are delighted to have this special relationship with the CST and make this announcement today. The education and knowledge this brings to IMG companies is invaluable to their businesses and the environment.”

“Since starting to work with the CST in September of 2015, our company has reduced its fuel consumption from idling an average of 35% per month. In addition to the reduced wear and tear on our vehicles this also represents a 35% reduction on our carbon footprint” – Keith Fischer, President, IMG’s Niagara Scenic Tours, New York.

“Working with eRating and the CST has given us a platform to better educate our drivers on the benefits of being environmentally and socially responsible. It’s a win, win as we derive powerful environmental practices, while reducing our fuel consumption” – Rich Illes, Sun Diego Charter, California.

Dave Kestenbaum, the Director of the CST stated: “Working with IMG has been an incredible experience for the CST. We are ecstatic that our programs are helping a diverse set of operators from across North America prove that reducing your environmental footprint also makes a lot of business sense.’

IMG is the leading network of transportation providers in North America dedicated to providing premier ground transportation through elevated standards of performance. This private organization has an uncompromising commitment to high standards in the areas of safety, maintenance, training, on road support and customer service.

UVM Extension’s CST program works to help promote the environmental, and energy efficiency within the passenger transportation sector. CST’s mission is to build awareness of, and promote the use of, transportation options that; reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions, increase energy efficiency, and utilize alternative fuels and new technologies.

Riding a Breath of Fresh Air with Royal Coach Tours This Earth Day Weekend


Happy Earth Day weekend! This year, Earth Day was Friday, April 22, 2016. As many of us in the Bay Area and people around the world take time out to reflect and regroup on how to respect and protect our beautiful planet, the Bay Area was recently ranked as one of the worst travel commutes in the U.S. With so many cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles on our highways and roads, we at Royal Coach Tours understand the value of and call of duty to our environment and natural resources.

Why is riding with Royal Coach Tours a breath of fresh air? On average, our charter buses transport 336 passenger  miles per gallon of fuel (a single occupant vehicle achieves 28 passenger miles per gallon). Utilizing clean-diesel engine technology, we’ve eliminated particulate matter (black smoke) by 90% and reduced our nitrogen oxide output by 52% to all later-model coaches, plus we use bio-diesel blends for all our motor coaches.

Other ways we stay “mean and clean” include minimizing our fuel consumption through tire pressure monitoring systems, being a member of our tire manufacturer’s recycling program, processing and recycling residual waste, and implementing an in-house recycling program and LED lighting.

For our “green-focused” customers we know you make choices when it comes to the transportation company you use on the roads of our Planet Earth. Royal Coach Tours is proud to be your Green Charter Bus Company provider,  remembering to do everything we can is our continued goal at Royal Coach Tours in an effort to be environmentally friendly, while constantly developing new and strategic business practices to promote sustainability.

Whether it’s going to a business convention with employees or taking a group outing to group trip to California places to see, we can all do less to pollute when you commute!

Central Coast, California

Spring Into A Road Trip — Three Places Worth Visiting

Central Coast, CaliforniaSpring is in full swing, and with the early summer-like weather in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area, more and more people are heading outdoors and out of town. Road trip, anyone?

Staying in town for the weekend? If you’re a fan of fast rides, fun and funnel cakes, Great America has opened its doors for the 2016 season! Beyond the usual roller coasters and water rides, this year a new attraction called the “Mass Effect” video game series will appear at the renovated Action Theater featuring 4D effects and a live performance. Great America is still a center of amusement ride fun and frolic for the whole family.

Want to get out of town for a day? How about a trip south to wine country along California’s central coast? Despite this year’s deceptively arduous drought, relatively normal rainfall and welcomed lush greenery have winemakers in Paso Robles, Cambria and other coastal areas of the state experimenting with new ways for visitors to explore wine. From distilling spirits to a golf course through vineyards to local service projects for visitors to more deeply connect with the local community, there’s something for many wine lovers.

If you really want to get away even further and avoid the hassle of trekking to the major airports in San Jose, Oakland or SF, the Bay Area will be getting a 4th commercial airport. For those in Contra Costa county who remember the old municipal air field in Concord, for the first time since 1992 there will be 3 commercial flights between Concord’s Buchanan Airport and Burbank starting April 18 and one weekend flight between Concord and Las Vegas starting April 22. Both routes will be offered by private jet company JetSuite and include free wifi, snacks and drinks starting at just $109 each way.

Whether it’s a jaunt around town or a quick getaway, remember that wherever you go, we here at Royal Coach Tours are ready to get you there safely and in comfort. Visit our fleet page for your vehicle transportation needs and even get a quote online.

So what are you waiting for? Fun and exploration awaits you and Royal Coach Tours can’t wait to take you there!