Airport and Sports Transportation | Royal Teamwork Serves You

Date posted :11/30/2016


They say “teamwork makes the dream work.” At our San Jose airport and sports transportation company, we believe in just that.  The best part of the dream: your complete customer satisfaction.

Providing airport transportation,  sports transportation, and other services requires not just hard work and dedication but also teamwork. We don’t just treat our drivers and staff like employees…we treat them like family! From birthday and holiday parties to prizes for photo contest winners to staff meetings, such team-building efforts help boost our team cohesiveness and organizational spirit, ultimately benefiting our customers traveling with us.

Recently we hosted our annual Thanksgiving Holiday VIP potluck. See all our photos from the Thanksgiving event.

From a common spirit united around the customer and constant safety training meetings, effective team work helps create perhaps the most important travel factor of all — your travel safety.


Teamwork makes for a better experience, from better customer service to customer communication. Royal teamwork creates a royal framework for serving you – the customer.