First Class Field Trips for Your College-Bound Kid

Date posted :09/12/2016

13235514_1333999513295616_7241705637592383287_o (1)As Summer begins to wind down, it’s back to school time for many students around the Bay Area. If you are the parent of a college-bound child, you know how important it is to research potential schools, including personally visiting the university campus where your child will be spending his or her academic career the next few years.

Checking out a campus alone doesn’t need to be a nerve-wracking experience, so why not book a School Trip with other college-bound kids and their families to tour San Jose State, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, or other Bay Area college campuses while having fun. You might even call it an “adult field trip” and in such trips, many parents pitch in as well!

Further, some schools have their Student Youth Travel Associations (SYTA) contact us and contract buses. Some put together student trips – such as visiting Washington D.C. for the weekend – for high school kids.

image060Our buses are full of fun, high-tech features today’s college-bound students love including video monitors with DVD players, Wi-Fi, power plugs and iPod connectors to make the trip more enjoyable. And we are SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certified so you can rest assured your future college graduate will arrive at their future campus safely.


Contact us today for more details about how your group or school can reserve one of our fleet vehicles for a more personal, private college tour and ride in first class as your kids get ready for class in their new university adventure!

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