Go Green

We at Royal Coach Tours have taken part in becoming environmentally friendly, constantly developing new and strategic business practice to promote sustainability. We understand the value of our environment and natural resources which is why we have taken part to become your Green Charter Bus Company provider.

Why riding with us is a breath of fresh air

  • 60% of U.S. carbon emissions over the last 20 years come from passenger cars alone.
  • A single occupant vehicle achieves 28 passenger miles per gallon on highways.
  • On average, our charter buses transport 336 passengers’ miles per gallon of fuel.

Clean-diesel engine technology

We’ve cut particulate matter (black smoke) by 90 percent and reduced our nitrogen oxide output by 52 percent by:

  • Installing diesel particulate filters to all later model coaches.
  • Using Bio-Diesel blends for all motor coaches.

Other ways we stay clean

  • Minimize fuel consumption with tire pressure monitoring systems.
  • Subscribed to our tire manufacturer’s recycling program.
  • Process and recycle residual waste.
  • Implemented recycling program in-house.
  • Use of LED lighting.