Our Garage

In order to maintain the highest quality in bus maintenance one must have the facility and tools to support it, which is why we challenge everyone to visit the facility of their selected bus charter service company. We encourage you to stop by our maintenance shop to see how we match up.

A Look into our garage

We pride ourselves behind the great facility we have built to support our goal of providing the highest level of mechanically sound vehicles for our passengers.

We keep your motor-coach running safe by:

  • Housing our maintenance shop in a 13,000sq foot facility.
  • Having five full sized, fully equipped mechanical bays.
  • Employing ten certified and trained mechanics (with 100+ years of combined experience).
  • Housing our own tire and fabrication sectors.
  • Supply our mechanics with the most advance and complete resources for work.

Our maintenance program

In the continued stride of ensuring top performance of all buses and vehicles, our award winning maintenance department, perform rigorous preventative practices throughout the entire fleet on a regularly scheduled inspection program.

We keep you safe on the road by:

  • Inspecting our vehicles on a 45 days or 3,000 mile service program
  • Inspecting our vehicles on a 180 days or 15,000 mile full service program
  • On-going DVIR (driver vehicle inspection report) servicing
  • Annual CHP (California Highway Patrol) vehicle inspections