Royal Coach History. Since 1960!

Date posted :07/31/2014


In the year 1960 founder Joanne Smith and husband purchased their very first 37 passenger motor coach, operating a commuter service from Fremont to Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale. After running successful commuter services, two years later, they decided to transition into the charter bus business and the birth of Smith Charter Service.

With the dramatic growth of the Bay Area came the growth of Smith Charter Service. In late 1970 Joanne Smith changed the company name to Royal Coach Tours a title that would convey to its clients the type of service which her company offered, the first class Royal treatment. With the successful business practices and operations of Royal Coach Tours, the torch was passed to her two children Sandy Allen and Dan Smith, together building growth and introducing the charter bus industry with a new level of service.

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