Royal Coach is nominated for the prestigious Clean Air Awards

Date posted :04/17/2014


Breathe California is hosting the 24th annual Clean Air Awards on April 24, 2014.  This event brings together over 200 Bay Area leaders who are committed to improving the local environment. The awards luncheon honors those business, civic, health, and education leaders who made a positive impact on Bay Area air quality through their leadership and advances in technology, research, and education.

As one of the Bay Area’s leading nonprofits dedicated to advocating for clean air and promoting public health, Breathe California recognizes the impact environmental changes have on public health. In the Bay Area, we are seeing higher rates of asthma, respiratory and other lung-related illnesses due to climate change and air pollution.

The Clean Air Awards recognize the outstanding work being done across government, business, education, health and nonprofit sectors to address these important issues of air quality and lung health.

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