Safety is not understood, it’s lived!

Our commitment towards safety can be exemplified though our award winning safety management department, because to us, safety is not a concept it’s our culture. Please check out our safety record from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

It all starts with the drivers

Before any motorcoach operator or driver is considered for hire they must first pass our rigorous screening process along with our behind-the-wheel performance analysis.

Drivers are screen for:

  • Drug and Alcohol (ongoing and random)
  • Driving Record (DMV pull notice, ongoing)
  • Past Employers
  • Personality Test
Drivers are trained on:

  • Pre & post vehicle inspection
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Minor mechanical diagnostics
  • Adverse road condition

Safety meets technology

When the cargo is people, safety is top priority, which is why we keep miles ahead of the industry when it comes to safety integrated technologies.

Event Data Recorders:

Event Data Records are proven to drastically reduce the risks of accidents and save lives, which is why we’ve installed one in each of our vehicles. These devises are utilized by our safety department to help identify risky driving behavior in its early stages for corrective training.

Fire Suppression System: Fire Suppression System, also known as the Life Protector does exactly that, and a reason why all of our newly purchased motor coaches come equipped with this technology. The fire suppression system is designed to suppress engine compartment fires before reaching the passengers, in addition to providing visual and audible warnings well before any immediate threats.

Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System: Tire blowouts and fires is a serious risk to the safety of passengers and drivers. Did you know that 90% of all tire failures are a result of tire underinflation? Well, we do and a reason why we purchase our motorcoaches with tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems installed. These devises keep our drivers aware of variation in tire temperature and pressure by alerting the driver of any related tire issues before any risk of safety occurs.