Saucon driver Log Refresher

Date posted :08/17/2016

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Unassigned Movement

When you see this alert on your screen “DO NOT IGNORE IT” You need to pull over and log into Saucon. At some point you logged out or someone logged you out and your miles / hours are not being logged. CHP sees this as if you are trying to manipulate your Hours of Service.


Personal Conveyance                                                                                  

Personal Conveyance is used rarely at Royal Coach Tours and must follow the following rules:

  • Driver must ask dispatch or manager for permission to use the vehicle
  • Vehicle must not have passengers
  • Driver must not be performing work for the company (Shuttling a bus is not personal conveyance)
  • Must not be re-positioning for next move
  • Driver must be going to or from a personal destination such as hotel or restaurant
  • Driver must note the personal conveyance on the back of their Trip Sheets and attach trailing documents that show proof. Hotel receipt, restaurant receipt… 49 CFR §395.8

Every Driver log must have

  • Sign on with proper Trip ID.
  • Pre Trip
  • Post Trip
  • Sign off
  • Driver Approved (Your Signature)

Sign into your driver log account

  • Approve logs that have been edited
  • Sign your unsigned logs and your off duty days
  • Enter your 7-Day Prior (Other Compensated Work)
  • Correct errors such as (Forgot to Sign Off)
  • Recommended to sign in at least once a week

If you have any questions, please Daniel or Shonoa – Thank You

Saucon driver Log Refresher 8-17-16