Kathy Jensen

Date posted :11/21/2014

I would like to call particular positive attention to the bus driver, “Dan” who transported the Hyde Middle School band from Cupertino, CA to the LA area this past Friday thru Sunday.  Dan had a positive attitude and great sense of humor the entire way.  He showed great skill as a bus driver with each and every lane change, always getting out of the way of faster moving traffic and moving into the faster lane whenever it was appropriate. At one point, the bus driver behind us (Faris), wanted to pull over on Highway 5 to let a kid use the bus bathroom.

Dan told him over the walkie talkie, “NEGATIVE!  DO NOT PULL OVER ON THIS HIGHWAY!”  I looked over to the shoulder and I could see that there was not enough room for a bus the size we had to pull over.  Dan told Faris to have a chaperone walk the kid down to the bathroom and that we should keep on moving.   I was sitting right behind Dan where ever we went, and I felt entirely safe the whole time, especially after the way he handled that situation.  He kept two peoples’ worth of buses safe and I was so grateful that he was the bus driver in charge. 

I just want you to know that you have a real gem in Dan as a bus driver.  He seems to really enjoy his job and he does it with expertise.  I can’t thank you enough (or Dan either), for the way he kept our persons and our belongings safe.  I thanked Dan myself before I departed this past Sunday, but please pass on my gratitude to him once again.  Dan was most definitely part of the wonderful experience I had with this band field trip and I just want to say THANK YOU in a big way.

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