Ken Jackson

Date posted :11/21/2014

Time is flying by and Piedmont Hill High School graduation is about 10 days away.  I am in charge of graduation and I have a long check list of stuff to do.  But I did want to check in with you and say thank you for the great service we received from Royal Coach back on April 21, 2014.  The kids had a great time and the trip to Los Angeles was very successful!

I also will not forget the fact that you didn’t compromise safety by sending us a new bus to take us back over the grapevine.  I never thought there was a problem, but I was very happy and pleased when we were told that a new bus had come to LA to switch with our bus when our driver noticed a little white smoke coming out the back.  I had seen the smoke that morning but knowing nothing about buses, I didn’t think anything of it.

Breaking down on the 405 with 43 kids would not have been a good thing either and I’m glad that you chose,”safety first” to get us back with no problems.

I do have some pictures I would like to send you and I will send those to you after graduation is over.  I hope I have the chance to do business with you again.  Everything about you and Royal Coach was top shelf!  See you soon!

Ken JacksonPiedmont Hill High School