Paul M.

Date posted :10/26/2015

We contract with Royal Coach regularly for school field trips (Andrew Hill High School). Teachers and students alike always get excited when Royal Coach is coming to pick us up because their buses are so clean, comfortable and well-appointed. Especially in comparison to the yellow school buses we are used to! The reason I’m writing this review, however, has more to do with Royal Coach as a company and less with the fancy buses.

Last week, Royal Coach took a group of 30 seniors to Southern California for a 3-day college tour. Kenny, our bus driver, was a real professional and delivered us to our many destinations promptly and comfortably. He’s also a really nice guy. The true test for Kenny, however, happened on our return when Interstate 5 shut down due to mud slides.

We had left San Diego at 8 AM and Kenny informed the group that we would be taking an alternate route, namely 101, due to the closure. Well, we avoided the mud slides, but found ourselves in the worst traffic I have ever experienced (no exaggeration at all). It was apparent that the rest of California was also using 101 as an alternative to I5. The gridlock started in Anaheim and did not let up for the rest of the trip. Kenny’s top speed during this ordeal couldn’t have been much more than 5 mph. At 1:00 PM we had driven maybe 30 miles and Kenny realized he wouldn’t be able to drive us all the way home. Professional drivers can only drive for 8 hours before having to take a break.

Like a pro, Kenny contacted Royal Coach headquarters – and arranged for another driver to meet us somewhere north of Santa Barbara. That meant another driver would drive down from San Jose into this hellish traffic to meet us and relieve Kenny. This super-hero driver was Candy (sp?). We made the exchange in Buelton, and were back on the road Home. Candy got us back to Andrew Hill at 11:30 PM – a 16 hour drive total. Needless to say, the anxious parents waiting for their students were very relieved. And despite a natural disaster, our college tour was a success thanks to the professionalism and conscientiousness of our drivers and the entire Royal Coach team. So, yeah, 5 stars.

TL;DR – Royal Coach has beautiful buses, caring drivers, and is an all-around great company to work with.

Paul M.San Jose